New Upgraded SSTP & L2TP VPN for FREE

  • 100% Pass through any kind of NAT and Firewall
  • Use TCP port 443 only never being blocked by ISP
  • SSL Layer tunneling to support HTTP PXY Traversal
  • Strongest Encryption comparing to Old PPTP VPN
  • Perfectly support Windows 7/8/10, OSX, iOS & Android
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Why SSTP Protocol is best choice for a secure tunneling connection?

SSTP protocol creates a secure "tunnel" between the client and the server, and all data and traffic that passes through that tunnel are encrypted.

Similar to PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), SSTP transports PPP data too, but through the SSL/TLS encrypted channel. Which means SSTP is significantly more security than PPTP because SSL/TLS layer provides traffic integrity checking, secure key negotiation and encryption.

  • SSTP uses TCP port 443 - the same port used by HTTPS traffic.
  • SSTP is often compared to OpenVPN for the high level of security both offering, and the fact that it can pass through multi-layer NAT firewalls in corporate network.
  • SSTP encryption offers a decent level of security with SSL 3.0 and 256-bit encryption.
  • SSTP is extremely easy to configure on platforms it is built into, including most popular WIN/MAC/UBUNTU desktop envionments and iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Android Tablet mobile devices;
  • The SSTP VPN protocol is almost impossible to block because it uses most popular TCP port 443 that HTTPS traffic uses, thanks for the technology bringing to us by Microsoft.

Compare SSTP VPN to Different VPN systems on the market

SSTP Client for Apple iPhone/iPad iOS system

SSTP Client for Android smartphone/tablet system

SSTP Client for Ubuntu and for Mac OSX system

The major feature of SSTP SSTP is that it was created by Microsoft company exclusively for Windows Vista SP 1, WIndows 7 and latest Windows 8/10 Operation System. There are also open source projects for Unix kernel based Ubuntu and Apple OSX system. For mobiel devices, the SSP VPN Client Apps in both Apple Store and Google Play are extremely convenient and easy to config for immediately protection of your daily mobile life.